Pottery workshops

Pottery workshops

Children, parents and grandparents can enjoy the museum all year long as a family with a special program of clay workshop with various themes.

During holidays, workshops take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

Only on reservation

From 5 years old for modeling and 10 years old for potter’s wheel.


Pottery courses


Argileum offers 2 days workshop to people who wants to acquire an experience with the potter’s wheel.

For 2 days, trainees could discover basic knowledge of pottery.


On Saturday:  preparation and method for centering  clay  on a potter's wheel
On Sunday: decorative techniques (slip, shaping spout and handles)


Hours: from  10:30 am to 1:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Rates: 80€ for the two days.

2 days supervised by a professional - Reserved to teenagers and adults- limited places.


Ateliers de modelage en collaboration avec la LPO
sat. 04 december

Rates and conditions

Last: around 2 hours

A Professional provides you advices and  basic techniques of clay work.

- modelling
- wall plaque
- coiling technique
- Wheel-throwing

Rates :
- 11€ /adult and 9€ /child (up to 18 years of age)

- 20€/person for wheel-throwing

- Firing1€ /person (optional, times are approximately 3-4 weeks )

- A one-day workshop (wheel-throwing)   40€/person

- A two-day workshop (wheel-throwing) 80€/person


Practical information

From 5 years old for modeling - Children under 8 years in company of an adult.

From 10 years old for potter’s wheel.

Workshop room can only be accessed by the participants- Museum and surroundings may be visited by accompanying adults.

Modeling workshop minimum of 5 participants – maximum of 15 participants.

Wheel-throwing workshop minimum of 3 participants- maximum of 6 participants

We would appreciate a phone call if you are late.


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